The Best Bronzers For Every Skin Tone

Bronzers are truly the easiest and fastest way to add a touch of sun. I know they scare the capris off some of you so let’s keep it super simple. I’ve done enough trial + error for the lot of us, as it were. These three are completely foolproof, as long as you choose the bronzer that’s best for your skin tone and don’t go overboard. No one want’s to look like Snookie. Okay, maybe I sort of do . . .


FAIR: You know who you are! And I know you’re the least likely to attempt bronzers but the one who will benefit most. That’s why I was thrilled to discover Clinique Sculptionary Defining Palette in Defining Nudes ($32). It’s PERFECT for pale people in terms of both the light shades you swirl together and the subtly pigmented formula. The rest of us can and should enjoy this gem in winter months when we need a little pick-me-up.

MEDIUM: This is the bronzer so many makeup artists reach for because it’s one of the only truly neutral shades on the market. Notice the cool undertone versus the usual orangey suspects on the market. A sure-thing regardless of whether you’re more pink or golden. Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Natural ($40).

DARK: If you have more warmth to your skin, or are already tan or using a self-tanner (hola!), try BareMinerals Ready Bronzer in The High Dive ($24). This is a major bronzer and I love it for the matte finish and water resistant formula. Both are necessary when the humidity can cause makeup meltdown.

Now for the technique. Using a big powder brush, dust a little bit onto cheekbones, forehead, and the bridge of your nose. You don’t want to bronze your entire face or you’ll lose definition and feel like you’re wearing a mask. Once you’ve made sure to blend well, take a look. You can always add more but remember: you can’t take it away! 




Source: The Best Bronzers For Every Skin Tone

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